Bakersfield is to Pest…

Bakersfield is to pest, as chips are to salsa. If you have not figured out by now, pest issues in Bakersfield are frequent. It really does not matter if its winter, spring, summer, or fall; bugs do not worry about the seasons. This past winter pest control companies continued to encounter ants in kitchens, and bathrooms.

During my decade or so of pest control experience, I have come across many customers who have relocated from other areas of the country. The one thing they all complained about was the amount of pest in Bakersfield. This really baffled me as some of these customers came from the south, where I thought they would be accustomed to large roaches and mosquitos.

Pest pressures often change and are determined by our weather and climate patterns. These patterns have recently changed as we begin to crawl out of the drought. Bakersfield has renewed itself with water following in the Kern River and surface street canals. This renewal brings on some new challenges.

Earwigs or as many people would refer to them as Pincher Bugs are making a strong comeback this year. Yes, you may see the occasional earwig in the garden or cement crack, but this year seems to be different. I can recall back in January sitting out in my Oildale patio watching several earwigs come up on the cement during the day. This is unusual as these guys typically like the night life. The dark, cool, and moisture of bark mulch and river rock tend to be there choice of living.

As the Famous Summer Heat begins to over shadow the Bakersfield landscape, let’s not forget to have our landscape and mulch areas treated for our pincher bug neighbors.

If you have not found that company to service your property, may I suggest Wow Pest Control. We are a BBB Accredited company with a combined 25 years of pest control experience. We want to ensure all our customers have a Wow Experience each time. To schedule an appointment call us at 661-418-7378 or for more information, visit our website at


By: Lance Elliot



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