Target Pest: Ants!

As temperatures have climbed this year in Bakersfield, we’ve all noticed Ants are coming out everywhere! Why are they one of the most talked about pests around? Because, whether you are dealing with fire ants, argentine ants or other ant species from the Bakersfield area, their numbers can be from the thousands to¬†millions all the way up the even the trillions. Did you know that argentine ants can have up to 60 queens in one colony that can lay up to 100 eggs per day each? That would mean if they were reproducing at full potential, they’d be laying 6,000 eggs per day. That would be 2.1 million ants per year. What else makes argentine ants an annoying pest? They split up and create new colonies when the population becomes crowded. This can lead to ant colonies everywhere! The other commonly discussed ant in Bakersfield is the fire ant. A fire ant queen can lay up to 1000 eggs per day. Luckily, the adult workers only live between 60-90 days or they would be just as numerous as the argentine ants. Because of their limited life span, a colony has up to about 500,000 ants at max capacity. Only! That’s a lot of ants! Most of us have had the experience of being bit and stung by a fire ant. Nobody, and I mean Nobody likes to be stung by a fire ant. Their sting can be painful and unforgettable. Most pesticides purchased at the store are considered repellants. The problem with a repellant is that they can be detected by an ant colony. It is more of a deterrent than a solution. When ants come in contact with a repellant, they will head in a different direction. That direction could be inside the home from outside or into another area of the home if initially infesting the interior. ¬†Another negative- when the queen detects that some of her colony has been terminated when directly treated with a repellant, she will reproduce much quicker to reestablish their population. Sound like there is no hope? Wow Pest Control can provide hope after all. We utilize non repellant materials that can’t be detected by ants in order to reach the source; the queens. We have several different materials that we utilize when treating ant colonies and can help you control them quickly and effectively. If you are dealing with an ant infestation, we’d love to help. Contact us and we can develop a treatment plan to fit your situation. Here are a few tips that can help prevent ants inside of your home or business:

  • Apply caulking to all cracks and crevices around your home or building
  • Clean up spills or dropped crumbs immediately after a mess happens.
  • Keep kitchens cleaned regularly so they remain grease or sweets free.
  • Keep foods in tightly sealed containers
  • When disposing of soda or drink containers, rinse them out before discarding.
  • Regularly take the trash out when full.

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By: Samuel de Jong


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